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Portugal: ...endless sun and sea.

Portugal is synonymous with the sun and nature. Whether you're on the coast or deep in the countryside, the weather and the scenery never let you down. An unrivalled variety of resorts make the Algarve a wonderful place to spend time, even in winter. On the less crowded Costa Vicentina (the Algarve's south eastern coast) with its small coves and unspoilt beaches, you'll feel like a real explorer. But no matter what kind of beach holiday you prefer, with 850 kilometres of fine white sand Portugal's coast has something for everyone.

And that's before we've even touched on the islands... Portugal is a country made for outdoor living, from lying on the beach, to riding in hot-air balloons, to setting out on a relaxing walk, to going bird-spotting.

Or perhaps most enchanting of all, you could take a cruise up the stunning River Douro. The choice is yours. We find it. You buy it. FOR LESS!!!

Discount Tour Deals to Portugal
Discount Tour Deals to Portugal

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